Itir Orcun paints since her early childhood. In her paintings, the modern interpretation of the ancient technique of marbling, which she developed, and her brush of oil color come together on canvas.  Her creating phase starts on the surface of water, which gives emotional intensity to the artist. Then she continues with distinctive lines, which comes from her architectural background. The unification of warmth, softness and depth of water with crisp, bright colors and her brush patterns reflects a movement and energy to her abstract paintings.

Marbling is an ancient painting technique, which is currently regarded as a craft without any significant improvements over the last centuries. However, it is just another painting technique, yielding crisp and bright colours which do not mix together.

The artist uses this technique together with other techniques in contemporary abstract paintings transferred on non-traditional media such as canvas, wood, glass, etc.

Since professional marbling paints are not available on the market, the artist has carried out extensive research on colour chemistry together with chemist Vitali Mesulam (M.Sc. in Chemistry), in order to resolve aging and ultra-violet durability issues and to find out the correct binder agent. the artist hereby wishes to thank Mr. Vitali Mesulam for his precious help and efforts.

The artist prepares her own paints using agents and professional paints from the same manufacturer of other substances used, such as oil colours and varnishes.