1955, born in Ankara. Started her first painting training by her grandfather, who was an architect. He taught her how to hold a pencil, mixing colours, perspective and dimensions.

1961, first watercolour exhibition at Turkish American Association and first press interview. Same year, famous artist Abidin Elderoglu taught her oil-colour and holding the brush.

1964, first mixed exhibition at Sanat Seveneler Dernegi Ankara.

Following her degree in architecture, became a scholar of proficient artist Cihangir Vefa Ozturk,

1993, devoted herself to marbling, which is a nearly a forgotten ancient art of painting and tries to bring a contemporary interpretation to this artistic world heritage.

40 paintings continuously exhibited at Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul, formerly the Sultan Ahmet Prison.

22 paintings exhibited in Middle East Technical University Alumni Society Center from 1997 to 2005.

1997, 98 and 99 Artistic Director of International Art Project organized by Junior Chamber International. (The project aimed introducing fine arts to children around the world, and was honored the Fifth Mottainai Grand Prix award in 1998 JCI World Congress, Mottainai Spirit Grand Prix among projects from over 100 countries.)

Teaches marbling as a technique of painting.